Equals Darnell's Power Forum Plus Green Building Power Forum Plus Smart Grid Electronics Forum
Darnell's Energy Summit

Digital Power Technology, Innovation for the Smart Grid and Advances in Energy Harvesting

Now part of Darnell's Energy Summit, Darnell's Power Forum (DPF) is an exciting international event that focuses on “advancing power technologies that matter” for the successful development of next-generation power systems. There is tremendous synergy possible from discussions broadly focused on power management, energy efficiency, advanced components, energy storage, smart grid innovations and more. DPF is a solutions-oriented event, with a strong emphasis on practical advances in power electronics. In addition to a strong focus on today's "best practices," DPF looks forward toward next-generation solutions and advances. Some of the areas of focus for this important annual event are:

  • Software-defined power
  • Advanced Power Components
  • Digital Power Conversion
  • Digital Power Management
  • Energy Harvesting & Storage
  • High-Efficiency System Architectures
  • High-Frequency Power Conversion
  • High-Temperature Power Conversion
  • Innovation for the Smart Grid
  • Packaging & Cooling
  • Portable Power
  • Supercapacitors & Ultracapacitors
  • Thin-Film Batteries
  • And more

"Darnell's Twelfth-Annual Power Forum will bring you the latest advancements across the breadth of power conversion technologies. Software-defined power will be the unifying there of this year’s Darnell Energy Summit. But no software runs without hardware and DPF will have a strong emphasis on the latest developments in digital power technologies, leading-edge power semiconductor devices, new power architectures, advanced energy storage, energy harvesting, high-efficiency power conversion, the latest passive devices, and more," stated Jeff Shepard, president of Darnell Group. "This year, we have co-located DPF with our Green Building Power Forum and the Smart Grid Electronics Forum as part of Darnell's Energy Summit, giving you an opportunity to attend any sessions of interest during these simultaneous events," Shepard concluded.

This focused three-day international forum will serve the needs of an audience of decision makers and technology developers (companies represented at DPF) who are interested in learning about and contributing to practical advancements related to the latest powering solutions. DPF will address the interests of a broad audience including:

  • Power converter designers
  • Power system architects
  • Energy harvesting experts
  • Original equipment manufacturers and system designers
  • Smart grid product/system designers
  • Makers of power components
  • Power management and power conversion designers and engineers
  • Applications engineers
  • Power system specifiers
  • Commodity managers
  • Research and development professionals
  • Technical editors and industry analysts

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